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Local Authorization of Global Prospects

Recognized by the government of Malaysia, our training is HRDF claimable and therefore highly accessible and affordable for private, government and corporate sector employers who want to keep their workers educated and up-to-date.

Cyberlynx International Sdn Bhd (Reg No: 584722-A) is an HRDF approved centre for SBL scheme trainings, and therefore all our trainings and workshops are HRDF claimable under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL Scheme and SBL-Khas), subject to prior application to HRDF by the employers and PSMB's approval.


Our Courses

Advanced Big Data Analytics.jpg

Advanced Big Data Analytics (HCIA)

The main goal of this course is to help students learn, understand, and practice big data analytics and machine learning approaches, which include the study of modern computing big data technologies and scaling up machine learning techniques focusing on industry applications.

HCIA Internet of Things (IoT).jpg

HCIA Internet of Things (IoT)

This course offers specialized IoT principles, drivers and modules such as protocols, sensors and actuators that will get you closer to industry 4.0.0's modern future. This includes Python and Raspbian tools for setting up IoT projects. 

HCIA Security.jpg

HCIA Security

The purpose of HCIA-Security certification is to provide basic setup and management for small to medium-sized business information security solutions. Personnel for information technology activities, all involved in the area of information security, who wish to be trained by HCIA-Security. 

Cloud Computing Concepts for Beginners.jpg

Cloud Computing Concepts for Beginners

This course introduces you to the core concepts of cloud computing. Participants will gain foundational knowledge required for understanding cloud computing from a business perspective and also for becoming a cloud practitioner.

HCIA 5G Network Security .jpg

HCIA 5G Network Security 

The 5G Network Security certification endeavor to address human capital crisis in network security in Malaysia. This certification aims in developing human capital with mission-critical skills in network-security and cyber-threats management to meet both current and future challenges.

Blockchain Technology.jpg

Advanced Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is becoming popular with the growing digitalisation and demand for data accessibility and shared authority. The principal principles and design of blockchain technology are discussed in this course. It also illustrates the smart contract blockchain transaction via a programming language with solidity.

Advanced CG Modelling .jpg

Advanced CG Modelling 

For interactive artistic design, modelling CG (Computer Graphics) is an important technique. CG artists produce 2D and 3D assets used in the creation of digitally animated movies and video games. When operating within a production team, the challenge in CG modelling is to strike a compromise between aesthetic sensibilities and technological constraints.

Machine Learning with Python.jpg

Advanced Machine Learning with Python

 The advanced principles, methods and implementations of machine learning are provided in this course. It contains the simple comment, declaration and machine learning functions of the python language. It also provides realistic expertise with supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms such as neural networks, vector machines, decision trees, k-means, and apriori in the development setting of sci-kit machine learning.

Multimedia Design for Social Media Advertising .jpg

Advanced Multimedia Design for Social Media Advertising 

The biggest digital medium for selling goods and services has been social media. In this respect, the task of a multimedia artist is to incorporate concept concepts into a final motion graphic that shows the company's vision in an entertaining format fitting for the social media world.

Software Engineering with Java.jpg

Advanced Software Engineering with Java

One of the world's most common programming languages is Java. Today, Java has over 3 billion computers operating on it. This course presents specialized knowledge and core concepts in software engineering, software processing, architecture and analysis, including Java-related decision tables, data flow and entity-relationship diagrams.

Games Design for Mobile Apps.jpg

Augmented Games Design for Mobile Apps

Mobile Games are always at the top of mobile apps worldwide. This course helps to learn about the basic concepts in AR (Augmented Reality) and get hands-on training by creating simple Android AR applications using Unity - a popular industry-standard game engine. You will also learn about the trending VR / AR market.

Building Maintenance.jpg

Certification in Building Maintenance

This is to allow participants to Understand the basics of facilities management, Understand how to draw up a preventive maintenance concept, based on risk, Develop strategies to decide when and what to outsource, Understand the different types of contracts, Identify and monitor the facilities management-processes performance


Creating A Wholesome Customer Experience Through Service Mastery

This course is to develop service mindset and instill strong service culture within the organization , expand your understanding of service quality and driving force in the service industry, to delight customers by connecting, anticipating and inspiring them through 4 service steps and sustain the business by delivering service beyond expectation to all type of customers.

Soft Toys Making & Marketing.jpg

Soft Toys Making & Marketing

The very word "Soft Toy" takes us to our childhood. It is an art of making soft toys with our own hands. It's the art of fabricating cute and cuddly stuffed animals, dolls, pillow etc. Basic knowledge of drafting, cutting, and stiching the fabric to give the proper shape.

MS Office Professional.jpg

MS Office Professional Certification

Microsoft Office has a lot more than you thought! It will help you work more effectively and improve productivity levels by learning what is possible with the Microsoft Office suite of apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Excel VBA. 

Forklift Handling .jpg

Forklift Handling Certification

 Produce a highly skilled forklift operators with safety practice to become the most valuable asset for the company’s mission’s achievement. To Deliver a better understanding for new recruits as well as veteran drivers on the principles for safer forklift operation, the types and its operation procedures


Our corporate training programs can be delivered in a variety ofways to suit the needs of your workforce.

Learn more about our expertise


Employees can study interactively online (up to 14-hours) depending on the subject module through detailed lecture slides and videos using our online training platform.


Strategy Clarification


A combination of online and classroom, this gives employees the dual benefit of face-to-face classroom training and online learning. Instructor led training can be delivered either physically or through a live online remote classroom format. (Maximum Class size 20)


Corporate Restructuring


Delivered by a subject matter expert, our workshops (Class size of 20-25 ) are tailored to the unique needs of your team and business.



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